Reliable computer operation has become vital to many segments of our daily lives. This is especially true in critical defense and industry applications where even momentary interruptions of computer functions can cost lots of money or even endanger lives.">

Computer Servers & Displays

Rugged Servers

Our rugged computers successfully meet MIL-STD-810F, MIL-STD-810G, MIL-STD-461F, and MIL-S-901D. Offering a wide variety of customizable options based upon customer applications, these rugged systems are frequently trusted in ground vehicles, aircraft, and shipboard applications.

rugged server

Rugged Displays

Ranging from ultra short depth 1U rack mounts to side-by-side multi-displays to 8U wide screen panel mounts, the rugged LCDs come with lightweight all-aluminum construction, DVI and VGA inputs, and a wide variety of customizable options including keyboards, KVMs, and touch screen options.

Rugged Displays
Tactical Computing
Tactical Computing

We offer a complete line of small rugged tactical computers. Each small, lightweight computer is conduction cooled and made for deployment into extreme temperatures and extreme shock/vibration zones. CPUs range from Core i7 to Core 2 Duo with I/O options for MIL-1553, CAN Bus, GPS and more.

Custom Products

We continue to develop new, innovative custom solutions for unique customer needs. We can customize any product to meet the needs of a particular program or installation. Our systems engineering team, coupled with a rapid response prototyping capability uniquely positions us as the leading rugged systems provider to the modern warfighter.

Rugged Computer Features
Rugged Computer Features

These rugged computers are configured to meet your tactical needs. We also offer a number of vital components including chassis, motherboards, SHBs and backplanes.

Rugged Computers Feature:
  • Ultra-Rugged system designs
  • Low total system wattage
  • Superior system cabling/air flow
  • Low acoustic dB Levels
  • Customization options
  • Standard 2 Year warranty
Rackmount Displays Feature:
  • Lightweight all aluminum construction
  • Multiple keyboard options available
  • Multiple KVM options available
  • Both DVI and VGA inputs
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